Sea Level Transport Services

Sectional Floating Dock
Sectional Floating Dock

Locally owned by life-long Alaskan residents. We take pride in customer satisfaction, while providing the highest quality of service. Since establishment we have serviced the business sector along with the private sector. Sea Level Transport is a diverse business, that will custom serve and coordinate your needs.
  • Southeast-wide service year-round
  • Remote site lodging
  • Mooring construction/placement
  • Pre-fabricated dock delivery
  • Concrete pours
  • Regulated and non-regulated fuel tank removals
  • Environmental clean-up
  • Remote site demolition and waste transport
  • Commercial diving support platform
  • Building material transport
  • Construction equipment
  • Towing/salvage
  • Barge lightering and tending
  • Film crew support
  • Drilling
  • Rock/aggregate delivery
  • Freight Expediting
  • Pre-construction logistical planning
  • Site Mobilization/De-mobilization
  • Helicopter sling work
  • Helicopter survey support/re-fueling base
  • Heating fuel/propane delivery
We pride ourselves in saving our clients time and money by pro-actively solving problems and offering economic solutions to a wide variety of projects. Contact us at 907-790-3450. We look forward to working with you.

Sea Level Transport, LLC Logo
Sea Level Transport, LLC
PO Box 210253
Auke Bay, AK 99821-0253
Cell: 907-321-3450


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